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Lake Leelanau Outdoor Living Project

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lake Leelanau Michigan Outdoor Living Project

Nuñez Outdoor Living Services

Lake Leelanau Project

Location: Lake Leelanau, MI.

This client had completed their new home build about a year ago, but disliked how the outside of their home felt bare. They had tried to worked with a landscape design company a year prior, but wasn't receiving a design that reflected their inspiration. They wanted something that more closely resembled pictures they provided, but also matched their current interior and exterior. They didn't know exactly how to put their ideas together, only they wanted it to look nice and presentable.

Luckily we were able to help with just that!

Where We Started

When it comes to the property and what our client wants, it's important for us to identify issues concerns we want to address. Some of the bigger concerns we had for this project and wanted to focus on was privacy and comfort.

Initially the pool area felt open, and it was very windy at the top of the hill their house sits on

The Design

The client expressed how they wanted to do full landscaping for their home eventually. However, after talking about the inspiration, and concerns, with the property, they really wanted to see how the entire final landscaping would look like.

We designed the full space, and they loved it so much they were ready to complete all of the landscaping at once!

The Process

When we start a project we divide it into individual work areas. This is often done when a project is completed in parts then as a whole. With this project it was completed all at once, but below we will go into each feature and show you from start to finish.

Hardscape: Concrete Steppers

The first task we focused on was the installing the hardscape and concrete steppers in the front, sides, and back of the house. Below you can see the progress from design to final product.

Planting & Landscaping

For the Planting we wanted to stick with grasses, native plants, and focal point trees for a natural meets modern aesthetic.

Pool Area

When we finally met on site, we did a full property tour together, and stepped in the backyard. The pool had been completed just last year, and it was paved fully in concrete. They had very minimal plantings and it felt almost too exposed as the neighbors could see them fully on both sides. To resolve this we used junipers as a living privacy fence.

Front Entrance

When it came to the front entrance, our client had a vision of pulling into a home that had a grand entry from the moment they came up the driveway. They wanted the main focus to be on the front entrance & landscaping. For this, the entrance sign was completely redone and custom made.

The Transformation

What began as a barren and empty space fully flourished into a place for the family to enjoy and make memories together for years to come. That's all we could ever wish for our clients!!
This project is truly an artists dream come true.


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